Prince Edward Island made an appearance on Jeopardy last night — in a Daily Double question, no less.

The P.E.I. question was under the category "Engineering Feats." Titi Ala'ilima, a data engineer from Philadelphia, picked the $2,000 question during Double Jeopardy. 

It read: "Confederation Bridge, connecting New Brunswick with this island, is the world's longest over ice-covered waters."

Ala'ilima answered: "What is Prince Edward Island?"

Ding ding ding! His correct answer netted him $2,000, but he lost in the final Jeopardy round. 

The game show recently made headlines after it announced Canadians would no longer be allowed to compete. 

The move prompted two Islanders to make a YouTube video with a few choice words (and some graphic language) for the show and host Alex Trebek — who is Canadian, after all. 

"Who else is going to answer all your Wayne Gretzky-related questions?" 

"Alex, who's going to bring you a Timmie's double-double when you're feeling down? You knows your producer Gary won't do that for ya."