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Jason Yeo acknowledged that his involvement with drugs has ruined his own life. (CBC)

Jason Norman Yeo of Charlottetown was sentenced in P.E.I. Supreme Court Monday for drug trafficking.

Yeo pleaded guilty to the crime after police seized upwards of $60,000 dollars worth of cocaine and crack cocaine from his residence two years ago.

Yeo, 31, showed no emotion in court as the judge sentenced him to seven years in federal prison.

That's seven years in addition to the nine years jail time he was handed in March for orchestrating an armed robbery in Emyvale in 2012.

The defence argued Yeo should serve his drug trafficking sentence at the same time as the one for armed robbery because the crimes are interconnected.

But Justice Wayne Cheverie didn't buy that argument. He called the two crimes separate and extremely serious.

Cheverie said what's particularly bothersome is the fact that Yeo has shown no remorse.

Cheverie pointed out that at the pre-sentence hearing, Yeo acknowledged that his involvement with drugs has ruined his own life, but the judge said, "The glaring omission from Yeo's statement to the court was any reference to the countless number of lives ruined by his involvement in the drug trade."

Cheverie did credit Yeo for time served as this case made its way through the system.

In total, he is sentenced to spend the next 14 years in prison.