Jason Yeo home invasion trial hears from Montreal officer

The officer who arrested a man in April of 2012 — one month before a violent home invasion on P.E.I. — took the stand on Wednesday.

P.E.I. violent home invasion helped pay off debt from cash seized in Montreal, Chase Roper testifies

The officer who arrested a man in April of 2012 — one month before a violent home invasion on P.E.I. — took the stand on Wednesday. 

Jason Norman Yeo, 31, is standing trial, accused of coercing two other men into breaking into the house of a drug dealer in May 2012. 

Montreal police Const. Steven Campbell testified police were called to Loew's Hotel, an upscale hotel in Montreal, because of a disturbance in room 719 in April 2012.

Campbell said he was met at the door of the room by a woman. Inside, he found Yeo asleep in bed. The officer testified the hotel room was littered with empty liquor bottles, broken furniture, a smashed TV and a shattered mirror.

He told court inside the hotel room he found a bag containing $30,000 cash, mostly in small bills.

Campbell testified he arrested both Yeo and the woman and seized the cash. That cash is an important part of the crown prosecutor's case.

Yeo's armed robbery charge is in connection with a home invasion in May 2012, in Emyvale, P.E.I.

Crown Cindy Wedge said Yeo blamed another man who'd been staying in that hotel room —  Chase Roper — for causing police to be called.

The Crown believes Yeo organized the home invasion and coerced Roper into carrying it out, to pay back the money police seized in Montreal.

Campbell said the money continues to be held by the proceeds of crime unit with the Montreal police department.

Defence lawyer Mitch MacLeod challenged the officer's assumption the bag in which the money was found belonged to Yeo.

Home invasion helped pay off debt, Chase Roper testifies

Roper, who is serving time in prison for the violent home invasion, told Charlottetown Supreme Court in Charlottetown Tuesday he did it to pay off a debt to Yeo, who organized the raid.

Crown alleges Jason Norman Yeo, 31, coerced others into taking part in armed robbery in Emyvale in May 2012. (CBC)

He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence for robbing an Emyvale drug dealer at gun point.

Roper testified he owed Yeo $15,000 and it was Yeo who suggested the robbery as a way to pay back the money seized in Montreal.

Roper told the court the guns belonged to Yeo, but it was his own decision, not Yeo's, to bring them the night of the home invasion.

Roper said he stole 200 to 300 grams of cocaine and hundreds of dilaudid pills that night and turned them over to Yeo a week later. He said the robbery knocked $10,000 off his debt.

The crown wrapped up its case Wednesday.

Justice Benjamin Taylor will hear arguments from the defence on Thursday.