A Charlottetown man was found guilty Monday of organizing a violent robbery of a drug dealer.

Jason Yeo - custom

Jason Yeo will be sentenced for his role in the Emyvale home invasion on March 31. (CBC)

Thirty-one-year-old Jason Yeo sat in handcuffs and leg irons in P.E.I. Supreme Court, dressed in a suit and tie, as Justice Benjamin Taylor read out his decision.

Taylor said Yeo did not actually participate in the violent home invasion in May 2012 in Emyvale, but he did recruit the two men who donned masks and committed the robbery, and showed them where the victim -- a known drug dealer -- lived.

Taylor said Yeo's trial earlier this month was unusual in that all the key witnesses were convicted criminals.

In June 2013, Chase James Roper was sentenced to four years in prison for his part in the armed robbery. Derry Ian Bird was found guilty February 14, 2014. He is scheduled to be sentenced March 28th.

Yeo organized the robbery as a means of allowing Chase Roper to repay a debt Roper owed him.

The men burst into the drug dealer's home in the middle of the night, tied him up with duct tape, held a gun to his head, and stole his stash of dilaudid pills and cocaine. The men's girlfriends waited outside in a car.

Court heard the foursome snorted cocaine and injected opiates to calm their nerves before committing the crime.  The two women and one of the men testified.

The judge said their testimony — which implicated Yeo as the mastermind of the crime — was consistent and believable, despite their criminal records.

The two women, who cooperated with police, were sentenced to four months in jail for break and enter, compared to the four years, minimum, that Yeo may face.

Yeo will return to court March 31 for sentencing.