Jason Yeo, armed home invasion defendant, trial continues

The trial began Monday for the last of five people accused of a violent home invasion, involving guns, money and drugs.

Crown alleges Jason Norman Yeo, 31, coerced others into taking part in armed robbery

The trial began Monday for the last of five people accused of a violent home invasionat a drug dealer's house, involving guns, money and drugs.

Crown prosecutor Cindy Wedge told P.E.I. Supreme Court 31-year-old Jason Norman Yeo chose the victim, planned the robbery and recruited the two men who carried it out.

Yeo has pleaded not guilty.

The charges are connected to the robbery of a drug dealer in Emyvale two years ago, in which the victim was bound, and beaten by two armed men.

Wedge told the court Monday Yeo coerced the two men to commit the robbery to pay off thousands of dollars they owed him.

Among the witnesses who testified Monday was 21-year-old Micah MacDougall.

MacDougall told court he was present at a meeting when Yeo planned the robbery with the two men who carried it out.

Kaylee McLean, 20, who waited in the getaway car during the robbery, testified Yeo took them to the drug dealer's house the day before the robbery, to show them where it was.

But defence lawyer Mitch MacLeod questioned the woman's memory of events.

McLean testified she and the others were using cocaine, prescription narcotics, alcohol and marijuana the night of the robbery and in the weeks before and after.

Testimony from December trial repeated

The first witness called to the stand was one of those men, 23-year old Chase James Roper. Roper is already serving a four year sentence in prison for his involvement in the home invasion.

Roper testified last month at the trial of one of the other co-accused, Derry Ian Bird. Bird is still waiting for a verdict in his trial.

On Monday Roper repeated what he said on the stand at Bird's trial: he claimed not to know the identity of the other armed man.

Wedge pressed Roper Monday after he said he had just met the person he broke into the house with.

"Do you remember a statement you gave to police?" she asked.


"What did you tell them?"

"I told them Derry Bird did it with me."

"Now you're saying something else?"


"Who was that person you claim to have just met?"

"Dunno.  His nickname was Slash."

Roper's testimony at both trials contradicts videotaped statements he gave to police at the time of his arrest, in which he implicates Jason Yeo and others.

That videotaped interview was played in court Monday. In it, Roper describes kicking the drug dealer he robbed and holding a gun to his head.

Roper was charged with perjury after his testimony at the Bird trial.

The rest of Roper's testimony was adjourned until later in the week. Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Taylor granted the request to adjourn in response to unspecified security concerns raised by the crown.

Wedge plans to call five other witnesses, including others who have pleaded guilty to their roles in the armed robbery. 

Yeo's trial is slated to run all week.