P.E.I. mixed martial arts fighter Jason Saggo won his UFC fight in Las Vegas Saturday night against American competitor Justin Salas. 

Saggo's victory came in the first round at UFC 196 which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

It was Saggo's first UFC fight since an injury sidelined him a year ago. 

"The win was so special, because one year ago I wasn't even walking. I ruptured my Achilles tendon and it took me weeks that I could just walk on my own feet, so there was a lot of questions about whether I would be able to compete again and compete at the highest level," said Saggo. 

"So I was going into the fight with a lot of uncertainties, and I think those were answered. Not only was I able to compete again, but I came back better than I was before. So, I'm super happy with the results." 

It was Saggo's third UFC fight and he says the win is another big step in his career.

He added he hopes it will give him more power to negotiate his contract in the future.