Jared Connaughton receives enthusiastic homecoming

There were tears and cheers Monday night as P.E.I. sprinter Jared Connaughton stepped into the Charlottetown Airport lobby.
P.E.I. sprinter Jared Connaughton receives the Queen's Diamond Jubliee Medal from Lieutenant-Governor Frank Lewis. (CBC)

There were tears and cheers Monday night as P.E.I. sprinter Jared Connaughton stepped into the Charlottetown Airport lobby.

Connaughton returned from the London Games empty-handed after Team Canada was disqualified in the men's 4x100 metre relay final Saturday.

Connaughton stepped on the line during his leg of the relay and lost the bronze.

After the race, the 27-year-old from New Haven owned up to the misstep.

Since then, people all over the country have been commending him for the way he handled the loss. And on home soil, it was no different.

Connaughton's comment, "Some days you're the dog and other days you're the hydrant, you know," met with laughter from the crowd.

"But always keep your chin up. Be proud of your hard work and be proud of the good times and the bad. Because sometimes the bad times wake you up to the good times you weren't paying attention to. And that was a pretty bad moment but this makes it not so bad."

Lieutenant-Governor Frank Lewis awarded Connaughton the Queen's Diamond Jubliee Medal, a commemorative award that celebrates the accomplishments of Canadians.