Interim Opposition leader Jamie Fox is questioning why the P.E.I government has decided to prorogue the current session of the legislature.

The province announced Tuesday that a new spring sitting would get underway on April 5 with a new speech from the throne.

Fox said he wonders why that's necessary.

"I have to ask why government is hitting the reset button so early," said Fox.

"This is two throne speeches in less than a year. You know, we had one back last spring and now we're going to have another one. What is going to be in it that needed us to prorogue the legislative assembly and come out with a brand new throne speech? Is there a real plan here for the HST? And are we going to see more job cuts? And what effect is that going to have on programs?"

Bills sitting on the order paper at the end of the last sitting will have to be reintroduced before they can be passed. Other bills sent for committee review can come back before the legislature. That includes a controversial bill that would allow for the disclosure of names of debtors and amounts written off by the the province.

Something about the decision to prorogue just doesn't seem right, said Fox.