Despite the opening of a new wing at the Provincial Correctional Centre at Sleepy Hollow in 2010, P.E.I. needs to start planning for the future expansion of its jail system, says Justice Minister Janice Sherry.

But Sherry said the system is at full capacity and the women's wing is sometimes over capacity. One of the things the province will eventually need to look at, she said, is a dedicated correctional facility for women.


P.E.I. may soon have to look at a separate jail for women, says Justice Minister Janice Sherry. (CBC)

"These things are certainly being discussed," she said.

"We do have beds at our youth centre in Summerside that we can use if we start to feel pressure. So we do have a backup in place, but we can't operate the system in relation to a backup."

Sherry said for now the system is managing the load. The expected increase in prisoners from the federal government's Bill C-10 still hasn't materialized.

The province is also exploring options to keep Islanders out of jail, rather than just increasing jail capacity.