P.E.I.'s official Opposition wants to know where all the promised jobs are from an Indian IT company that set up an office in Charlottetown.

Last year the province announced a $9 million labour market rebate to MphasiS, which would subsidize wages.  In exchange, the company said it would create 100 jobs on P.E.I. to start, and that number would grow to 300 jobs by 2014.


James Aylward wanted to know why there were still so few jobs at the MphasiS office in Charlottetown. (CBC)

During question period Friday, Opposition Whip James Aylward said he's heard there are only five jobs on P.E.I. right now.

"You've promised this company over $9 million in wage subsidies but still only five jobs," said Aylward.

"This is definitely a sweetheart deal. I'm sure Island business would love to have their fair share of this subsidy."

Premier Robert Ghiz said he's spoken to the CEO of MphasiS and the company is still committed to creating jobs on P.E.I. He said MphasiS is ramping up to open an office in P.E.I. and is working on new contracts in North America.