An Island woman is rallying the business community to help sponsor sprinter Jared Connaughton.

Donelda Docherty wants to see the Island Olympian at the world championships next year and possibly the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Connaughton needs financial help to keep training in order for that to happen, she said.

"I think we have a lot of generous individuals in the community, I think we have a lot of generous businesses that might consider supporting Jared," Docherty said.

Docherty, a friend of the Connaughton family, said she'll be canvassing local businesses to help with donations.

Connaughton does a little bit of coaching of other athletes down in Texas, but most of his time is spent training, which doesn't earn him a lot of money, she said, and doesn't get a lot of other help for his athletic training.

She said watching the final 4 x 100 race in London, where the sprinter unfortunately stepped on the lane line and got Team Canada disqualified, was hard.

"Goose bumps. Before the race would even start, and they'd say 'running in lane three, or running in lane five, Jared Connaughton, from New Haven, Prince Edward Island' — goose bumps."

Docherty said she’d like to help Connaughton raise $20,000 a year, which would help with things like physiotherapy, travelling and other expenses.

She said thus far, family has helped him with his expenses.

"They do not starve, but that's about it," she said.

Docherty is well-known in sports circles on P.E.I. She helped organize the Stanley Cup celebration in Cornwall with Adam McQuaid last summer.

She said she thinks Connaughton's chances of getting to the next Olympic Games are good.

"Just think, there are 210 countries that are represented in the Olympics, and we can put a little boy from our small province on the world stage — priceless."