A woman from South Lake, P.E.I. has been in Ohio over the last few days working on the Obama campaign.

Alicia Bruce was helping her boyfriend, a field organizer for the Democrats. Bruce said they knocked on hundreds of doors, made dozens of calls, delivered pamphlets, and drove people to the polls.  "Even though I can't vote in the States, ended up driving these people and felt like that ended up being our Ohio votes," she said.

"As soon as we heard we won Ohio then we knew we won America, so we headed to downtown Akron and I was driving for the night. So it was great to watch everyone who had been working so hard on the campaign for the last few months celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their labour."

Bruce noted the county where she was helping had a bigger voter turnout for Obama than in the last election. She said she is relieved and elated that Obama won another four-year mandate.