The Island Storm will get one more shot at the NBL basketball championship Thursday night, but they will have to win game seven on the road.

'Individual play led to a lot of turnovers.' - Storm coach Joe Salerno

The Windsor Express beat the Storm Tuesday night 107-88.

Storm coach Joe Salerno said his players got off to a slow start offensively and could not recover.

"We came out very strong defensively. I thought we missed a lot of very makeable shots to start this game. It seemed like there was a lid on the basket for us a little bit," said Salerno.

"I think that led to some frustration, some individual play. That's really not our style and that individual play led to a lot of turnovers tonight and you just can't do that against a team that is as good as Windsor."

The Storm split the first two games of the series in Windsor, and won two out of three at home to take a 3-2 series lead back to Windsor.

Game seven, the final and deciding game in the series, goes Thursday night in Windsor.