National Basketball League commissioner, David Magley says P.E.I.'s Island Storm basketball franchise will make money this year.

Magley said owner, Duncan Shaw has found ways to reach out to the community to help bring people to the games. He praised the Island Storm's events before and during games, everything from a kids play zone to singing contests and dancers.

David Magley

The new commissioner of the National Basketball League, David Magley, says the Island Storm franchise will make money this year. (CBC)

The new league commissioner visited P.E.I. on Sunday as part of a tour of NBL cities in the Maritimes. He said the league is on more solid financial footing than many realize.

"Twenty-five new owners took over the Halifax franchise that was having a tough time, a new ownership group with a lot of money came in in Niagra that's doing things the right way," said Magley.

"This franchise is going to make money this year for the first time ever. London makes a lot of money and new money just came into Windsor. Saint John has new blood coming into it, Moncton has four new owners that is coming in, so there's a lot of commitment. The viability probably isn't as scary as people might think."

The Island Storm defeated the Moncton Miracles 120-104 at Sunday's game.