There's a tentative deal to get NHL players back on the ice, but after months of ups and downs hockey fans on Prince Edward Island say their return to watching Canada's beloved game is also tentative.

Owners and players came to an agreement on Sunday, the 113 day of the dispute.

"We get to a game 6 or 7, I'll definitely watch it. But for this 48 or 50 game regular season I probably won't watch much," said fan Erik Brown.


Will you tune in to watch NHL players score this season? (Getty images)

Hockey journalist Lyle Richardson said the NHL played a dangerous game with fans during this lock out.

"A lot of people just shrugged their shoulders and just said you know, 'I don't care.' That's the last thing the NHL needs is an apathetic fan base because once fans stop caring they're going to stop coming to games," he said.

Without NHL games for much of the season, some fans flocked to other venues like P.E.I. Rocket games.

"We saw additional people in our seats that perhaps wouldn't be here, but they say, 'Hey, let's watch a Quebec Major Junior Hockey game, where there are future stars in the building every night,'" said Trent Birt, vice-president of the team.

Still, other fans said they are ecstatic to watch NHL games.

"I'm going to watch it no matter, I'm going to support it and I think the majority of people will," said Andrew Sheridan

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