A young P.E.I. environmentalist is rising in the rankings of environmentalists under the age of 25.

Emilie Novaczek has made the list of the online magazine The Starfish for three years running. She was ranked 25th in 2011, 19th last year, and this year rose to 12th.

Novaczek recently spent six months in San Andres, Colombia where she worked on a coral reef conservation project.

"Doing the coral reef restoration work, it's something where you can really see the progress right in front of your eyes," Novaczek told CBC News.

"It's really rewarding work too. So I'd just love just the opportunity to keep on doing it would be great."

Novaczek's research was also recognized as the top undergraduate research project at the Elizabeth May Chair Research Symposium and at the Dalhousie Sustainable Oceans Conference.

Novaczek was previously recognized by The Starfish for her work with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition.