A number of factors came together to force significant increases in the price of fuel Friday, says a representative of the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission.

Petroleum product price changes, Feb. 1

  • Gas: up 7 cents
  • Heating oil: up 4 cents
  • Diesel: up 4 cents
  • Propane: up 2.5 cents at Superior Propane; 5 cents at Irving; and 2.7 cents at Kenmac Energy

Allison MacEwan, who helps set fuel prices for IRAC, said a major pipeline that brings product from the Gulf was shut down for several days in early January, a number of refineries are closed for maintenance, and there's been a rise in the demand for gas.

"I'm hoping that it's temporary," said MacEwan.

"A lot of people travel from outside the city to work in the city. And travel to them is not a luxury, it's a necessity. And these kind of increases impact them, you know, immediately and significantly and the commission is very sensitive to that."

MacEwan said this significant increase in prices is being seen across the region.