Newly independent MLA Olive Crane is hoping the government will find a spot for her on a legislative committee.

Olive Crane

Independent MLA Olive Crane has secured questions in question period, but does not yet know if she will serve on a legislative committee. (CBC)

The former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party was thrown out of caucus last month. She is now calling herself an independent progressive conservative.

Crane said she's come to an agreement with government regarding question period where she'll be allowed one question and two follow-up questions every Tuesday and Thursday.

But Crane is also looking to be named to one or more committees, and has written to government asking for that. Typically committee seats are divvied up between the government backbench and the official Opposition.

Crane sat on two committees as a representative of the Conservative party. She was replaced on those committees when asked to leave caucus. 

"I had done some research in terms of the rules. There's no rule that says an independent member cannot sit on a committee," said Crane.

"I'm really hopeful that government's going to understand the need for my voice on a committee."

Crane said she's asked to be part of the health and education committees.

According to the speaker's office, an announcement on who sits on which committee should be made within the next week.

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