RCMP have been laying more charges for impaired driving in Souris and Montague, according to reports delivered this week to the town councils.

Ten drivers in Montague were charged with impaired driving in 2013-14, compared to six in 2012-13 and just two in 2011-12. In Souris there were six charges last year, and four in each of the two previous years.

In total, 53 impaired driving charges were laid against drivers by Kings District RCMP in 2013-14.

Property crimes and crimes against people were down in both towns.

In Montague, there was a 30 per cent drop in property crimes and a 33 per cent reduction in crimes against people. In Souris, there was a 16 per cent drop in property crimes in the town and the rate of crimes against people was unchanged.

RCMP issued close to 200 tickets for seatbelt violations in the two towns.

In a news release, RCMP said there would be an increased focus this year on people using electronic devices while driving.