A francophone development group believes economic immigration is the answer to a number of the P.E.I.'s problems.

Martin Marcoux

Forum en immigration économique will look at ways of improving economic immigration practices, says Martin Marcoux, president of the Francophone Economic Development Council. (Francophone Economic Development Council)

The Francophone Economic Development Council has organized a conference this week to focus on new and better ways to match unfilled needs in P.E.I.'s job market with people who want to move here who have those skills.

Council president Martin Marcoux told CBC News delegates from all across the country who work in economic development will attend the conference.

"Those people are going to share best practices," said Marcoux.

"We'll come up with a conclusion, with tools that enable everybody to do better at what they're already doing, and have more success at retaining newcomers."

The three-day forum en immigration économique gets underway Monday in Brudenell.

This is part of the council's three-year project aiming to promote the integration of immigrants in the P.E.I. workforce.