The ice around P.E.I. is thicker than it has been for years, says the Canadian Coast Guard, leading to more calls from vessels for ice breaking services.

Paul Veber, superintendent of ice operations, said most of the ice around the Island is between 70 and 120 centimetres thick.

"Some of it is actually thicker than that," said Veber.

"We have gotten used to lighter ice conditions over the last decade or so. But the conditions that we are experiencing now are probably similar to what we experienced maybe 20 years ago. It comes with its challenges in the sense that we need to keep ferries moving and commercial shipping moving."

Demand for ice breaking services is particularly high for commercial vessels going into Charlottetown harbour and the ferry running from Souris to the Î​les de la Madeleine.

Veber said it is too soon to say whether the ice this year will become an issue for fishermen in the spring.