Some researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island are finding it challenging to find people willing to be a part of their experiments.

Jamie Burr - custom

Educating Prince Edward Islanders about the nature of research on humans may make it easier to find test subjects, says Prof. Jamie Burr . (CBC)

The university's department of applied human sciences has grown in recent years. Physiologist Jamie Burr told CBC News along with that's come more studies involving human participation, and finding the right sample size can be difficult.

"If we are underpowered, if you don't have enough people, we can't be sure of the claims that we're making," said Burr.

"We need to have sufficient numbers to say this is a real effect. It's not just something that happened in a small group of people."

Burr said researchers have posted ads around the university, online and in the media with some success. He believes as people on the Island become more accustomed to research being done on humans, recruiting subjects will become easier.

"People are intimidated by what they don't know, and sometimes it's just education," he said.

UPEI is now in the process of developing a website that lists all its human studies and lets people know how to get involved.

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