The P.E.I. government can expect a fight on the floor of Province House when it introduces HST legislation later this fall, vows Opposition leader Olive Crane.


An opposition motion rejecting HST was defeated Thursday. (CBC)

Crane foreshadowed that fight Thursday, introducing a motion calling for a vote against bringing in the HST. Predictably, that motion only had support from the five Progressive Conservative MLAs.

But Crane said the debate will get much rougher when the government bill comes before the house.

"We will certainly hold the bill on the floor as long as we can and we'll ask all the questions," she said.

Crane acknowledged there will still be a shortage of votes on the opposition side to defeat the HST bill.

"In the end we're really hoping that some of the MLAs, especially if they really believe they were voted in from the people, will start doing some work on behalf of the people who elected them," she said.

Crane left open the possibility the Tories would filibuster, invoking delaying tactics to slow down the progress of the legislation.

She is also calling on Islanders will convince their MLAs to vote against the bill.