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Opposition leader Steven Myers says Islanders need some relief when it comes to paying HST on gas. (CBC)

P.E.I. residents are being hit doubly hard by rising gas prices because the higher the price goes, the more harmonized sales tax Islanders pay on every litre, says Opposition leader Steven Myers.

One of the first things the Robert Ghiz Liberals did after they came to power in 2007 was lower the tax on gasoline and switch to a flat tax that remained the same no matter what the price.

But that changed when the HST came into effect a year ago.

Government needs to create some kind of mechanism to give Islanders some relief, says Myers.

"What I would suggest is a cap. What the Premier of Nova Scotia is saying is take the nine per cent off completely. And I mean, I'm not opposed to that either because I do think that Islanders deserve to have some sort of a break. It's getting so costly to live here."

Premier Robert Ghiz says if the province were to switch back to a flat tax on fuel, then it would have to cut expenditures on services like education and health care to compensate.

He says he'd reduce the HST on gas if the federal government would compensate the province.

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