Some people in eastern Prince Edward Island say they're disappointed their community won't be getting the doctor they were promised during the 2011 election.

When it comes to health care, residents in Morell only have access to a physiotherapist, dentist and a pharmacy.

A trip to the nearest doctor in Charlottetown or Montague takes about 30 minutes.

On the 2011 election campaign trial, the Liberals announced a new health centre and physician for the community.

That didn't happen.

"Well, it's kind of too bad. Because there's so many seniors around this area. It would be nice to have something handy for them," said Sharon Dunn.

Health PEI outlined the alternative to about 50 residents on Thursday night.

The province will offer programs to help people manage chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease and said there is a possibility of adding a part-time nurse practitioner.

"So one of the things about primary care is keeping people well. So how do we keep you in your community, rather than looking after you whenever you're in the hospital," said Anita MacKenzie, registry manager with the health authority.

The plan isn't what resident like Rosie Quinn had hoped for.

"The centre would be ideal for here. But I think if we have some health care services, that is exactly what we will need, we'll take them," she said.

Now Health PEI is asking residents to submit ideas for programs that could be offered to the community.