A homeowner chased down a woman who was allegedly trying to steal items from his house on Fitzroy Street Saturday night, say Charlottetown police.

A 22-year-old woman now faces multiple charges including break and enter, theft and theft from motor vehicles in connection with several other incidents that night.

The man woke up when he heard his dog barking, said deputy police chief Gary McGuigan.

When the man went to find out what was happening, he saw a woman making off with two of his laptop computers, so he followed her, said McGuigan.

"The owner eventually caught up to the accused and there was a bit of a standoff where she had been more or less caught by him, and at that point gave up the electronics," said McGuigan.

"The owner took the electronics and was able to inform the police, give a description, a direction of travel and later on police were able to make an arrest."

The woman will remain in jail until her next court appearance on Sept. 5.