Capt. Jamie Locke says the Salvation Army has been approaching homeless people it sees in the streets to tell them about the shelter. (CBC)

Salvation Army officials in Charlottetown can't understand why some homeless people are still choosing to sleep on the street when the Bedford MacDonald House shelter has beds available.

The shelter reopened close to a year ago and beds are available, but Salvation Army Capt. Jamie Locke said he is still hearing about people sleeping in the street.

"I have received a few calls from residents, people who are concerned about folks that they have seen in different areas," said Locke.

"I'd just like to encourage everybody that may encounter a situation such as that, where they see someone who is apparently living on the street, to just do what they can in terms of just a recommendation of the Bedford MacDonald House and an offering of where it is located."

Bedford MacDonald House

184 Weymouth St, Charlottetown


Locke said staff will do whatever they can to intervene.

Salvation Army officials are also approaching homeless people to remind them there is a warm bed for them at the shelter, he said.