Testimony in the trial of Jason Yeo, accused of planning a home invasion at a drug dealer's in Emyvale, P.E.I., concluded Thursday.

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Jason Yeo sat handcuffed and in leg irons throughout the trial, dressed in a dark suit and tie. (CBC)

The defence chose to call no witnesses in the trial.

Jason Norman Yeo, 31, has sat handcuffed and in leg irons throughout the four-day trial in P.E.I. Supreme Court in Charlottetown, dressed in a dark suit and tie.

Defence lawyer Mitchell MacLeod entered three pieces of paperwork as evidence Friday, and closed his case.

Crown prosecutor Cindy Wedge contends Yeo planned the May 2012 home invasion, and recruited two men who carried it out with help from their girlfriends. Three of them have pleaded guilty and testified this week. They described using cocaine and other drugs, before the two men knocked down the drug dealer's door and stole his stash of drugs.

One of the perpetrators, Chase Roper, described how months before the plan was hatched Yeo provided him with the two firearms that were used, a hand gun and shot gun. Roper testified the home invasion was Yeo's idea, as a means of paying a debt Roper owed him.

The second man accused in the robbery, Derry Ian Bird, has pleaded not guilty and a decision in his trial is pending.

Another man, Micah MacDougall, Yeo's former roommate, testified he heard Yeo and Roper discuss committing a robbery.

The defence has argued Crown witnesses implicated Yeo in order to receive lighter sentences.

The two women who cooperated with police were sentenced to four months in jail for break and enter, compared to the four years, minimum, that Yeo faces if found guilty of armed robbery.

The Crown and defence will present written summations to Justice Benjamin Taylor next Friday. Taylor will deliver his decision March 3.