A P.E.I. man who organized a violent home invasion was sentenced Monday to nine years in federal prison.

Jason Yeo - custom

Jason Yeo appeared relaxed in court as he was sentenced for organizing an Emyvale home invasion. (CBC)

The May 2012 incident saw masked men burst into a drug dealer's home in Emyvale in the middle of the night and rob him at gunpoint.

Thirty-one-year old Jason Yeo was found guilty of organizing the robbery early last month.

Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Taylor found Yeo recruited two men to carry out the robbery. One of the assailants held a gun to the man's head, roughed him up, and stole the drug dealer's stash of cocaine and pills.

The girlfriends of the two assailants, high on drugs, waited outside in a getaway car.

At Yeo's trial earlier this year, the court heard Yeo designed the home invasion as a way for one of the perpetrators to pay off a debt he owed to Yeo.

The guns the men carried belonged to Yeo, and it was Yeo who chose the victim and showed the assailants where the man lived.

Cindy Wedge - custom

Crown prosecutor Cindy Wedge (CBC)

Prosecutor Cindy Wedge told court Monday that Yeo, who has 21 prior criminal convictions, has not responded to opportunities for rehabilitation.

"Mr Yeo was the mastermind and the primary perpetrator of this offence," Wedge told CBC News.

"Think of it this way, but for Mr Yeo, this crime probably would not have occurred."

Defence attorney Mitchell MacLeod pointed out that Yeo was not present during the actual  home invasion and did not tell the men to use the guns.

Justice Taylor said Yeo clearly organized the crime and wound up in possession of the stolen drugs. In handing down the nine-year prison sentence, the judge called home invasion the most serious type of armed robbery.

The four others involved in this home invasion have already been sentenced. Police have never found the two firearms used in the home invasion.