Two P.E.I. women who took part in a violent home invasion last year in Emyvale were sentenced Monday to four months in jail.

Twenty-year-old Kaylee Frances McLean and 22-year-old Jennifer Lee Wakelin both wept as their sentences came down in P.E.I. Supreme Court.

The court heard the two women were waiting in the getaway car on May 28 of last year, as their friends broke into the home of a drug dealer, held a gun to his head and stole his stash of drugs: cocaine and pills.

Wakelin drove the getaway car, and McLean had helped scout out the drug dealers' home the day before.

Supreme Court Justice Ben Taylor issued a publication ban on some details of the incident. That ban includes the names of two men who face charges related to this incident. The women have agreed to testify for the prosecution at upcoming trials of the two men.

Wakelin is in a methadone rehab program. The court heard McLean had a difficult childhood and has a problem with alcohol.

In handing down sentence, Justice Taylor said both women are good candidates for rehabilitation and have come a long way toward understanding the harm they have caused.

In addition to four months in jail, the women face a lifetime firearms prohibition. They were ordered to provide a DNA sample to police, and will be on probation for two years after their release.