Government needs to be certain it has a handle on the Homburg file, says Crane. (CBC)

A Progressive Conservative government on P.E.I. would ask the auditor general to review taxpayer involvement with the Homburg group of companies, says Leader Olive Crane.

Crane made the promise on the campaign trail Wednesday.

The province has $32.8 million out in loans with three Homburg companies, including more than $13 million to Homburg Invest, which is currently under creditor protection.

"There's just a whole lot of unanswered questions," said Crane.

"What we're hearing from small- to medium-sized businesses that did work with the company, they are actually owed a lot more money than what government is speaking about. So it's important to get a handle on that file right away."

Crane isn't saying government did anything wrong with the loans, but she believes with this much money in play, a full review of the financial relationship between government and the Homburg companies is necessary.