Holland College vice-president Michael O'Grady says the college regrets having to make the staffing adjustments. (CBC)

Holland College has announced staffing cuts and hour reductions, which will affect up to a total of 22 full-time term and casual employees at the community college.

Ten of those positions will come from changes to the Adult Education program, which is supported in large part by funding from the Labour Market Development Agreement.

The program's amount of funding from the agreement is tied to the number of students taking part who are eligible for employment insurance.

"We have seen declines in the number of EI clients over the past three years," said Michael O'Grady, vice-president of Holland College.

"The funding attached to those clients has diminished making the program as it has existed unsustainable."

A total of 5.5 full-time equivalent term positions and the equivalent of 4.5 full-time casual positions will not be renewed in the Adult Education program.

O'Grady said there will no longer be continuous intake into adult education, but rather fixed entry and exit points three times per year.

In the post-secondary areas of the college, three vacant positions will not be filled and two casual employees will not have their contracts renewed, while up to five other employees will see their hours reduced.

"It's obviously not good news to deliver," said O'Grady. "We value our staff -- they are talented and dedicated and we certainly regret having to make these kinds of staffing adjustments."

The next scheduled intake of students in fall 2014 for the applied degree in culinary operations will not take place, said O'Grady, though students in the program's second year will not be affected.