The Holland College Hurricanes football team has joined an American league.


The National Club Football Association in the U.S. has been impressed by the Holland College team.

Holland College president Michael O'Grady said the Charlottetown school's team was contacted by the National Club Football Association of America to see if they'd like to join. The team is also part of the Atlantic Football League.

The Hurricanes will play one game in mid-November against the University of Vermont in Burlington, at the end of their regular AFL season.

"I was aware of the league, but they recruited us," said O'Grady.

"At the end of last year the commissioner contacted us, said he was impressed by what he had seen of our program, and heard about it and wanted to know if we wanted to make the leap and be the first Canadian team."

In alternating years, a team from the U.S. will come to P.E.I. The team had offers of three other games from NCFA teams, but decided to limit it to one game a year.

O'Grady said the team was ranked 18th in the NCFA in a pre-season poll, and they'd like to be in the top 10. O'Grady said being part of the American league will help with recruiting.