Ron Diaz was impressed with the four Holland College football players he worked with. (CBC)

Four players from P.E.I.'s Holland College football team made a big impression on top university scout Ron Dias at a workout session on Tuesday.

The college has only had a football program for three years, but it has quickly earned a solid reputation, making playoff runs in two of those years, and winning the Atlantic Football College Championship last year.

Dias has been a central scout for top level Canadian and American colleges and universities for nearly 30 years, and made his first visit for a first-hand look at the talent Tuesday.

"I thought it's about time I started putting my boots on the ground here on P.E.I., and found out what this little phenomenon is here with the Holland College football," he said.


Diaz intends to return for a field training camp in the summer. (CBC)

Dias was looking at four of the team's top players.

The significance of the visit was not lost on them as Dias ran them through drills.

"He's a pretty big deal when it comes to scouting and stuff like that, so I just hope I can do my best," said Nathan Conway.

"It's a little overwhelming," said Dale Pickstock Jr., "trying to make a good impression coming where I come from, where football isn't really big."

Dias said he would be quick to act if he found any exceptional talent.

"If somebody jumped out at me here today, and I picked up the phone tomorrow, I have the ear of every coach across the country on the other side of the door," he said, adding that he was impressed with what he saw.

"Athletically, their numbers are matching up with any of the top recruits in the country … Any university in the country would want to recruit all four of these boys."

Dias plans to return to P.E.I. for a on-field camp this summer.