Record and vulnerable person checks are now required for Hockey PEI volunteers. (Hockey PEI)

Hockey PEI is requiring all volunteers to get a criminal record check.

Some volunteers will also have to get a vulnerable persons check. That's required if their name or birthday is close to that of someone who has a criminal record. Those people will have to go through more extensive checks — including fingerprinting.

Rob Newson, Hockey PEI's executive director, says volunteers need to start the process early because it can take up to six months.

"There is going to be some roadblocks around administration. The criminal record check is a pretty smooth process. It's the vulnerable persons check that we've been made aware of and we've met with officials to know that there are some challenges there as far as timing," Newson said.

In the past the criminal record check was a guideline of the organization. It's now a requirement for all Hockey PEI volunteers.

Some smaller minor hockey associations already required the record check, he said.

Criminal record checks are a common practice for many community groups involved with young people. 

All 2,500 volunteers will have to go through the process.

According to Hockey PEI's new guidelines, anyone who hasn't been screened by the end of December will be deemed ineligible to participate in Hockey PEI events.