Doctors and other experts in the field of concussions in sport will provide a series of workshops for parents and coaches about the warning signs starting later this month.

The workshops, sponsored by Hockey PEI, are being held in partnership with a program through the federal government.   "I think the biggest challenge is identifying concussions," said Hockey PEI executive director Rob Newson.

"We are getting better. Our volunteers are getting much better at identifying concussions. I think what these sessions are to do is give people a little bit of sense and education on how to do that."

P.E.I. has a return-to-play policy for players to follow after suffering a concussion, but Newson said there are still too many cases where concussions are either not recognized, or not reported.

There will be five sessions across the Island, with the first one planned for later this month in O'Leary.