The Stop Plan B protest camp against the realigning of the Trans-Canada Highway west of Charlottetown will be coming down this week.

The highway project in the Bonshaw and New Haven areas is nearly complete. Only a small section connecting the highway in New Haven remains. Despite that, new Stop Plan B signs went up this week. Protestors say they are, however, just a reminder of a protest that is nearing its end.

Cindy Richards

Cindy Richards is packing up the Plan B protest camp. (CBC)

"Obviously we're not going to stop the project, but there are environmental concerns that we still have and we're still committed to ensuring that less damage is done," said Cindy Richards from the protest camp near the construction site.

Richards is packing up the camp now, which includes a teepee and a camper. The camp has been used as a meeting place and for the group to keep track of soil runoff from the site during heavy rain.

"We'll be leaving here but continuing to monitor and continuing on in other things," she said.

While the protesters were not able to stop the highway from going through, Richards said there were significant achievements.

"We've had impact on the environmental mitigations," she said.

"I don't think they expected us to stick around the full year and watch what was happening and stick them to it. I think that as a result they have, as they've said, gone above and beyond what they may have normally done had we not been watching."

Richards said she expects more Stop Plan B signs to go up, reminding the government the group is continuing to watch.