About 30 people attended a Cornwall town meeting at the Dutch Inn Tuesday night about new development in the P.E.I., and many of them expressed concern about higher density housing.

Several rezoning applications are up for consideration that would allow developers to build townhouses, semi-detached houses and multi-unit dwellings in Madison Heights, an area off Keri Drive, and the new Harvest Hills subdivision.

Tina Lowther -custom

The town of Cornwall is developing too many apartments and townhouses, and not enough single family homes, says Tina Lowther. (CBC)

The rezoning proposals vary, but they share a lack of single family homes.

Coun. Peter Meggs, chair of the town's planning committee, said Cornwall needs more housing options.

"It's all about giving people those opportunities to come into a different kind of housing situation, not just be stuck with the idea that we're all just single family homes in Cornwall," said Meggs.

But several people stood up at the meeting and opposed the plans. Some were worried about what they described as the more transient nature of residents in multiple unit dwellings.

Tina Lowther, who has lived in Cornwall all her life, agreed every community needs options but said the town is going too far.

"At this point there's very little option for families who would like to build single residence dwellings," said Lowther.

"We've gotten to the point now where the only thing that's going up in the community are the multi-unit dwellings."

Town council has not yet voted on any of the proposed changes. Council members said they'll take what they heard at the meeting into consideration before anything is approved.

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