Heritage Park vandalism upsets Summerside residents

People in Summerside are upset about vandalism at Heritage Park.

Vandals cuts tops of 20 trees, destroyed a memorial bench and burned grass in Heritage Park

Summerside residents and city officials are upset about vandalism at Heritage Park.

The tops of 20 young trees were hacked off and thrown into a pond, some patches of grass were burned and a granite bench was destroyed.

The bench was used as part of the memorial to the National Remembrance Day on Violence Against Women.

The vandalism over the Easter weekend wasn't the first time the park has been targeted.

But Summerside Coun. Jim Steele, chair of Community Services, said he hopes it's the last.

"It is just disturbing. This is terrible to see our trees get destroyed and have our grass burnt. The citizens within that area are very concerned and very, very disappointed," Steele said.

"We are hoping to be able to put extra patrols on to be able to find these individuals that are causing the damage within those areas."

Police are still investigating the vandalism, and hope to find the people responsible.