Some people are upset the premier promised the Order of P.E.I. to two-time Olympic gold medallist Heather Moyse without going through the proper process.

Only three Islanders are given the award annually and nominations are not yet closed. Despite that, P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz thrilled the audience at a celebration for Moyse in Summerside Friday with an announcement she would receive the award.

That enthusiasm was not shared by members of the Order of P.E.I. committee.

Charles Curley chairs the Order of PEI Advisory Council.

"We had met last week and we had a consensus from the group that no, we shouldn't give it away right now, and wait for the procedure to be followed," said committee chair Charles Curley.

The protocol is nominations for the order come from the public. Those nominations go to committee, and its decisions are rubber-stamped by the premier and lieutenant governor.

Curley said none of that happened with Moyse's award. Ghiz said his government will change the law around the award.

"We had a caucus meeting on Friday and we said how can we go about doing this?"

"We decided that we'll change the act when we come in to the house this spring to be able to do special provisions for extraordinary acts."

Ghiz was sparse on details surrounding what, beyond winning two Olympic gold medals, those special circumstances could be.

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  • Nominations for the Order of P.E.I. are not yet closed, as this story previously stated. They close March 28.
    Mar 03, 2014 8:22 AM AT