Heather Moyse, the two-time Olympic medallist from Summerside, now has something new to add to her list of athletic accomplishments — she's just completed her climb to the tallest peak in Antarctica.

Moyse is doing the climb as part of the True Patriot Love Expedition, raising funds and awareness for Canadian veterans.

'We couldn't stop crying for about half an hour.' - Heather Moyse

She summited Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica.  

She said the final day of climbing was at a "painstakingly slow pace" that took approximately 11 hours, round trip, in -40 C weather.

"One of the soldiers gave me a big hug at the bottom and he thanked me for being part of this and helping to bring awareness to the soldiers and to PTSD. I wasn't emotional until that moment and then we couldn't stop crying for about half an hour," Moyse said.

Moyse has been posting audio messages to her Facebook during the trip. She said, "As tired as I sound, it is wonderful news that we actually made it to the top."

According to her fundraising website, Moyse has currently raised about $17,000 for the organization, which funds programs in mental health, physical rehabilitation and family support for Canadian veterans.