A new bill passed by the P.E.I. government offers important protection for the personal health information of Islanders, but doesn't go far enough, says the province's privacy commissioner.

Maria MacDonald - custom

P.E.I.'s new Health Information Act contains many of the measures recommended by privacy commissioner Maria MacDonald. (CBC)

Maria MacDonald asked government to include a measure that would prevent unwanted access of personal information by health professionals who can log into the system, but that's not in the legislation.

"Some of the other jurisdictions call it a lockbox, or masking their health information. It'd be something like putting a password on as we do for our drug information database," said MacDonald.

"It gives the individual a little bit of control over who's accessing their health information."

MacDonald said overall she's impressed with the Health Information Act, and government did follow other recommendations she made.

She noted there are strong penalties for anyone caught snooping in someone's personal health file, but no measures to actually prevent that from happening.