Islanders are still recovering from the post-tropical storm Arthur that blasted Atlantic Canada Saturday felling trees all over the Island.

Trees were no match for the winds of more than 100 km/h in some parts of the province.

“Chaos really. There's trees everywhere. We're getting calls continuously,” said Darren Perry with the City of Charlottetown.

The city said it will take much of the week to clean up the mess and years to get the city looking as it did before Arthur struck. 

Greg Caseley

Greg Caseley said when the winds hit, staff and volunteers scrambled to take their tents down. (CBC)

“We do know a lot of the trees that have come down are massive trees. They're trees from 150 years ago probably,” said Mayor Clifford Lee. 

“So it's certainly again continues to change the streetscape of Charlottetown.”

Caseley's Tent Rentals had a close call over the weekend when the unprecedented winds wreaked havoc on their tents.

'We put the tents up hoping Arthur would be really kind to us. But he wasn't' - Greg Caseley

“We put the tents up hoping Arthur would be really kind to us. But he wasn't,” said Greg Caseley.

He said when the storm hit, staff and volunteers scrambled to take tents down and move everything inside. 

“Anybody I could get my hands on helped,” he said.

In Charlottetown, the Belvedere Golf Club has trees and branches down all over the grounds.

tent damage

Greg Caseley says his staff took down their rental tents as a precaution during the post-tropical storm. Everyone made it out safely. (Submitted)

The clubhouse itself took a hit which they say will cut into their operational budget.

Even crops on the island were damaged. The president of the P.E.I. Strawberry Growers Association says there was some crop damage during Saturday's storm that left some of the more ripe berries soft and damaged.

Lee says city crews will continue to clean up damage until the work is done.