Stewart & Beck Home Hardware roof collapse

Snow caused the roof of one of Stewart & Beck Home Hardware's warehouses to collapse. (CBC)

The owner of Stewart & Beck Home Hardware in Montague is still assessing the damages of a roof collapse at one of his warehouses early Wednesday morning.

'I arrived and one of my buildings was missing.' - Mark Beck

Mark Beck said he's relieved it happened when no one was working.

"At 1 a.m. yesterday morning, the burglar alarm sensed motion in the warehouse. I thought it was the high winds. So I arrived and one of my buildings was missing," said Beck.

"There is quite a bit of inventory. There are forklifts inside and trucks. My viewpoint has been from the beginning of seeing this is, 'I had an accident.' It happened in the middle of the night and nobody got hurt. We can rebuild or replace anything."

Beck has been waiting for a structural engineer to provide advice on how to shore up the warehouse safely.

The building was insured.

This was one of several roof collapses that have occurred in the past few weeks in the province due to the amount and weight of snow that has fallen.