A stormy winter and cold spring is hitting the budgets of some churches in Charlottetown.

Churches took a hit on both sides of the ledger, starting with higher costs for snow removal and heating.

"I think our snow removal bill is almost double what it was for the previous year," said John Moses, minister at Trinity Clifton United Church.

"The snow removal bill is close to 10,000 this year."

The church also suffered extensive roof damage that will like cost more than $100,000 to fix.

The weather also struck on the revenue side, with stormy Sundays hurting attendance, which in turn meant less money in the collection plate.

St. Dunstan's Basicila also spent more this winter. With oil prices up, the church increased its oil budget from $68,000 to $76,000, but David Abbot, chair of the church's property finance committee, expects that will not be enough. From January to March the bill was $50,000.

"It's been a fairly tough winter, both for the price of oil and the quantity," said Abbot.

"That's going to hurt our operations a little bit this year."

The basilica also spent more than anticipated on snow removal. Abbott said St. Dunstan's will have to dip into its endowment fund to cover the extra costs. Moses said Trinity United will likely have to ask its congregation for more donations.