Hampton cottage owners feel overcrowded by new development

A group of cottage owners on the south shore of P.E.I. are upset about a new subdivision in their neighbourhood.

A group of cottage owners on the south shore of P.E.I. are upset about a new subdivision in their neighbourhood.

The group took their concerns about the development in Hampton to the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission on Wednesday. They’re appealing the permit that allowed developer Tian Fei to build nine new mini-home cottages on a plot of land that was originally zoned for just one cottage.

The old cottage development sits near the ocean. Nearby are the Blue Spruces Cottages, which have been on their lots for close to half a century.

But now there is a new subdivision. Fei was able to renovate and relocate existing rental cottages and build additional rental cottages on the property.

“It’s ridiculous really and I think that's the concern of a lot of people in this community is the density of them,” said neighbour Bonnie Mitchell.

The other cottage owners in Hampton said they are concerned about Fei’s future plans.

Gary McLure has two cottages next to the new development.

“The approval of the change of use of that lot is the issue and then the intensification of it by changing it from a one unit to go on it to eight units on it,” he said.

“They have met with us and they told us that their plans are to develop up to 50 to 55 more cottages,” said Mitchell.

Neither David Wu, who manages the development, nor engineer John Matha would do an interview with CBC. 

A representative with the developer said the placement of the mini-homes so close together is only a temporary measure and that the owner is still considering his plans for future development.

IRAC will eventually produce a written decision on whether the development permit should have been granted.


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