P.E.I.'s fire marshal is urging people to be careful with Halloween decorations.

Prince Edward Island’s fire marshal is issuing a Halloween warning, urging homeowners and pranksters alike to be careful with decorations that could catch fire.

David Rossiter says particular attention needs to be paid to anything that can start a fire, like lights, or combustible materials such as hay and cornstalks.

He also said people have to be extremely careful around candles.

And Rossiter issued a stern warning to would-be vandals — anyone caught setting fires can face serious criminal charges.

"We’ve started to see a small number of fires over the last couple of nights with respect to roadways, that sort of thing," he said.

"That is a criminal act and if it happens to be in a structure and a firefighter happens to get hurt while trying to fight that fire, that becomes a criminal code charge under arson."

Rossiter said deliberately set fires tie up valuable firefighting resources.