Thanks to some generous donations, a Habitat for Humanity volunteer who had about $3,000 worth of tools stolen from a build site will have them replaced.  

Last Wednesday, Scott Conway had his construction-grade tools stolen from a locked trailer at the build site in Mermaid.

Conway, an Ontario carpenter, had travelled to P.E.I. to help build the house where his daughter Shayna and her mother will eventually live.

Shayna was the lone survivor of a murder-suicide where four young people were killed in Alberta last December.

In February, Habitat for Humanity chose Conway's family for a new house. It was an anonymous process, with Habitat's judges not knowing the family's identity or connection to the tragedy in Alberta.

Susan Zambonin, executive director of Habitat for Humanity, says many individuals and businesses have generously donated money and tools to replace what was stolen.  

"We've had individuals, businesses, contractors have contacted us, and in some cases dropped off tools. As well, Kent Building Supplies has stepped forward and said that they will provide Scott with a $3,000 gift card," Zambonin told CBC News.

Zambonin says Habitat for Humanity in Toronto is also sending a shipment of tools.

Last week Scott Conway told CBC Radio he needed the tools to earn a living and couldn't afford to replace them.