Seven P.E.I. municipalities have signed a resolution against oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A group called the Save our Seas and Shores Coalition sent template resolutions to the province’s approximately 75 municipalities. It called for either a moratorium until a review or public consultation is carried out, or a moratorium leading to a ban.

Two municipalities backed the ban option.

Ellie Reddin is chairwoman of the coalition’s P.E.I. chapter.

“The municipal resolutions are part of a whole package of developments that have been occurring, trying to encourage all the people with interests in the gulf to try and work together to protect the gulf,” Reddin said.

She hopes more municipalities sign the resolution and take the issue to Premier Robert Ghiz.

Those that have signed it are:

  • Victoria-by-the-Sea (moratorium)
  • North Rustico (permanent ban)
  • Cavendish (moratorium)
  • Miltonvale Park (moratorium)
  • Murray Harbour (moratorium)
  • Murray River (both options)
  • Breadalbane (moratorium)

In April, the coalition tabled a petition with more than 1,200 signatures in the Legislature. It says a moratorium is necessary to protect the gulf's ecosystem. 

The group describes itself as a "coalition of fishing organizations, environmental and tourism groups, coastal landowners, First Nations organizations and individuals."