The number of women running for public office should get closer to 50 per cent, says the P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

'We want to see under-represented groups at those tables.' — Jane Ledwell

The council has produced a new municipal election guide for the 2012 elections called "Women Care for Communities."

Women currently make up about 30 per cent of the municipal politicians on Prince Edward Island, a much higher percentage than in provincial and federal politics, but still well short of their proportion of the population.

"I think that we want governments at all levels that represent and that reflect the communities that we live in," said council executive director Jane Ledwell.

"Those communities are increasingly diverse so we want to see under-represented groups at those tables and, obviously, our communities are about 50 per cent women.  It would be great to have that representation reflected better at our government decision making tables."

The guide illustrates ways local governments affect women's lives and the importance of increasing representation of women in government.

Nominations for elections in most of P.E.I.'s small municipalities close Monday.